Western Digital makes a 314GB hard drive for the Raspberry Pi

In honor of Pi Day, Western Digital has announced a mechanical drive for Raspberry Pi based on its 500GB Caviar Blue Slim model. This 314GB drive is equipped with a number of Raspberry-Pi-focused features. Western Digital has also worked with BerryBoot to produce a bootloader specifically designed to ease the complications caused by the MicroSD-only boot function of the Pi. 

The Raspberry Pi 3

To work well with the Pi, this drive has been tuned for low-power operation. Even with that design constraint, this drive should still be able to saturate the Pi's USB 2.0 interface. Western Digital doesn't include an imaged MicroSD card with its BerryBoot image, though. Since the Raspberry Pi can only boot from a MicroSD card, including a pre-imaged one would reduce the barrier of entry for Pi enthusiasts who aren't familiar with the Linux disk imaging process. As part of its Pi Day announcement, the Western Digital store is offering a 31.4% discount on the drive's $45.81 suggested price, dropping its final price to $31.42.

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