Thursday: P.M. streak

  1. PCNut's U.S. relief fund page
  2. Wired has new 'most wanted' terrorist list (thanks rand)
  3. Security flaw in Symantec's anti-virus software (thank rand)
  4. Microsoft expands Windows XP messaging (thanks rand)
  5. PocketMac and Terascale Computing System! (thanks rand)
  6. Hacker discloses data after demands unmet (thanks rand)
  7. HP ditches add-on CD-RW market (thanks rand)
  8. Electic Tech has Intel IDE-storage driver v6.20.2018 for WinXP
  9. EverythingUSB on Intel PRO/DSL 3220 modem
  10. Digit-Life's September hardware digest
  11. PC911's user guide to tech support success
  12. PC Watch on Citizen's WatchPad 1.5, a Linux watch (thanks ---k)
  13. littlewhitedog gives away rounded cables to benefit Red Cross and terrorist victims
Motherboards and graphics

  1. VR-Zone's Intel i845 motherboards roundup
  2. Amdmb and Hard Tecs 4U review EPoX EP-8KHA+
  3. SocketA reviews Shuttle AK31 revision 3
  4. 3DSpotlight reviews ProLink Pixelview GF2 MX400
  5. HotHardware reviews ELSA Gladiac 920
Networking, power supplies, and cooling

  1. TacoNuts reviews Everglide PC2PC crossover network kit
  2. Pro Cooling on choosing PSU's for the Athlon XP
  3. GideonTech reviews Thermaltake Crystal Orb
  4. OcPrices reviews NoiseControl Silverado HSF
  5. Mikhailtech's ultimate heatsink roundup - part 2
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