Ides of March Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. VideoCardz: AMD announces GPU roadmap for

    2016-2019, Polaris to be followed by Vega and Navi

  2. techPowerUp!: AMD Radeon Pro Duo up

    to 51% faster than GeForce GTX Titan Z

  3. Neowin: Acer unveils its first external mobile

    GPU dock powered via Thunderbolt 3

  4. VentureBeat: Stardock’s newest tech will let

    you mix AMD and Nvidia video cards in a PC

  5. PCWorld: Nvidia’s GameWorks 3.1 SDK adds

    striking new games tech; PhysX bodies get 6x boost

  6. PC Gamer: SteamVR Desktop Theater Mode

    will be detailed at GDC this week

  7. The Verge: Sony’s futuristic Concept N

    headphones don’t touch your ears

  8. Linux 4.5 released

Ides of March

  1. The Guardian: FBI quietly changes its privacy

    rules for accessing NSA data on Americans

  2. AnandTech: Kishonti announces GFX Bench 5 Aztec Ruins at GDC
  3. Ars Technica: Xbox indie gaming opens the

    door to playing against PlayStation owners

  4. techPowerUp!: Cooler Master announces

    the MasterKeys Pro series keyboards

  5. USN-2929-1: Linux kernel vulnerabilities (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS)
  6. HotHardware’s podcast
  7. Newegg’s deals


  1. Ars Technica: Forget split screen—Android N

    code hints at a “Freeform Windows” mode

  2. Ars Technica’s Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge review

Software and gaming

  1. MSPoweruser: Microsoft’s official website for

    Edge Extensions goes live ahead of official release

  2. PC Gamer: Phil Spencer says diehard PC gamers

    might not want an Xbox, and that’s okay

  3. TechSpot and TweakTown on Tom Clancy’s The Division
  4. Ocaholic on ArmA 3 – AMD and Nvidia GPU performance scaling


  1. Ars Technica’s review: Much-improved Iris

    GPU makes the Skylake NUC a major upgrade

  2. KitGuru’s ASRock E3V5 WS review
  3. Benchmark Reviews on Samsung 950 Pro SSD RAID-0 performance
  4. Guru3D’s Asus ROG Swift PG348Q curved GSync monitor review
  5. Technology X on iClever Magneto wireless headphones
  6. KitGuru on Cooler Master ‘Master Keys

    Pro S‘ Cherry MX RGB keyboard

  7. techPowerUp! reviews Zalman ZM-K700M keyboard
  8. TweakTown reviews In Win 805 ATX case
  9. PCPer reviews Tt Suppressor F31 case
  10. Technic3D’s Arctic Freezer i32 Cooler review (in German)
Comments closed
    • 4 years ago

    In other news-

    “Microsoft caught automatically updating PCs to Windows 10 without users consent”
    [url<][/url<] MS No's must be down for the month- YOU MUST UPDATE-YOU MUST UPDATE.............................................................

    • techguy
    • 4 years ago

    AMD PR: Hey guys, our new $1500 dual-GPU card is faster than a 2-year old dual-GPU card from the competition based on last-gen technology.

    AMD PR /high fives

    • Welch
    • 4 years ago

    “VentureBeat: Stardock’s newest tech will let
    you mix AMD and Nvidia video cards in a PC ”

    Anyone else sort of tired of seeing these “cross brand dual GPU” things? There have been a handful of companies promising this now. I mean it is great and all if you’ve got a few spare cards laying around but… lets be honest. How many people truly use dual GPU setups…. and of those people how many of them have no problems compared to a single card setup. On top of all of that, how many would willingly buy 2 different brands to even further the stability/compatibility issues!!?

    The only crowd I can imagine this being useful for is someone with spare cards who wants to Frankenstein them together.

      • Meadows
      • 4 years ago

      This is already a solved problem because DirectX 12 will purportedly enable just that.

        • SomeOtherGeek
        • 4 years ago

        I see what you did there.

        • Deanjo
        • 4 years ago

        I wouldn’t say the problem is “solved” as either vendors drivers could be the source of problems. It was a problem for the hydra setups and DX 12 really doesn’t help the problem.

      • ldonyo
      • 4 years ago

      I like the idea of being able to add another card sometime down the line without having to make sure it matches what I have installed already. Yes, this has been bandied about for quite a while now in various forms, but it would be nice to see it actually come to fruition and work as advertised.

    • Terra_Nocuus
    • 4 years ago

    [quote<]Polaris to be followed by Vega and [b<]Navi[/b<][/quote<] HEY! LISTEN!

      • Generic
      • 4 years ago

      HEY! — HEY! — LISTEN! — HEY!

      Lights Deku Stick with murderous intent…

    • DrCR
    • 4 years ago

    Stardock’s “multi-GPU” tech sounds interesting, but I’m curious to see how it fares in practice. And I’m also a bit confused on the below as well.

    [quote<]The one negative Wardell sees is overclockers, who “will not have a good time with DX12.”[/quote<]

      • nanoflower
      • 4 years ago

      Perhaps he means GPU overclockers? I know that some of the tech out there clocks to the lowest speed GPU so maybe Stardock’s solution drops performance to match the lowest performing GPU in the set?

    • derFunkenstein
    • 4 years ago

    Man, this is my favorite holiday. I love the [url=<]Ides of March[/url<].

      • davidbowser
      • 4 years ago


      Spiritual descendant: [url<][/url<]

    • ronch
    • 4 years ago

    I just hope Vega and Navidia aren’t going to be rebrands…

      • nanoflower
      • 4 years ago

      Shouldn’t be. At least not in the classic sense since Vega will be when AMD moves to HBM2 so even if nothing else changes the cards will be have faster memory and possibly more of it.

      • DPete27
      • 4 years ago

      Vega will most definitely be a rebrand of Polaris. You really think AMD is going to give two new architectures in less than a year when they’ve been using the same Pitcairn chip for 4 years now?

      Be thankful if the FULL lineup of the upcoming Polaris/Pascal GPUs are actually 14nm parts.

        • nanoflower
        • 4 years ago

        It’s not a rebrand when they change the underlying hardware. Now, it won’t be a completely new architecture but there is going to be a switch to HBM2 and I expect there will be a few other tweaks. Much like AMD did between the 280/290 and the 380/390 line.

          • DPete27
          • 4 years ago

          Ummmm, the R9-380 is an R9-285 and the R9-390 is an R9-290….. rebrands.

    • Deanjo
    • 4 years ago

    [quote<]The Guardian: FBI quietly changes its privacy rules for accessing NSA data on Americans[/quote<] And people used to think that the USSR's KGB was bad and evil for monitoring their citizens....

      • davidbowser
      • 4 years ago

      I have told people that my stance on the iPhone encryption discussion is that the FBI is full of bull. Very little data resides ONLY on the phone. Almost all of the data is also on some other servers (Verizon, Facebook, iCloud, Gmail, etc.) and that data has well established warrant disclosure processes.

      Warrantless searches and warrantless wiretapping US Citizens is a BAD IDEA. Always has been, always will be.

        • dragontamer5788
        • 4 years ago

        [quote<]Warrantless searches and warrantless [/quote<] I guarentee you the FBI has a warrant on the [url=<]San Bernardino shooters[/url<]. The debate has nothing to do with "warrantless" and everything to do with "with warrants". I haven't looked into the "Guardian" piece yet, I'll have to look into this new issue to form an opinion. But it really does bother me when people keep using the words "warrantless" to describe the situation with regards to investigating the San Bernardino shooters.

          • davidbowser
          • 4 years ago

          Sorry for the confusion. Your comment on warrants is totally right.

          I was mixing two topics that both have to do with the FBI. I think it relevant to show it unlikely that the FBI would use the proposed back door for only one device.

          The Guardian article is about the FISA program, which is a secret court end-around the warrant process. I call it “warrantless” because the FBI can sift through the data the NSA gathers with little to no oversight on what they do with that data. They may not be able to submit it in a court of law, but based on their use of “All Writs”, I wouldn’t put it past them to try.

          Apple is fighting a court case in NY also, not just San Bernardino. Here is a decent comparison of the two:


            • dragontamer5788
            • 4 years ago

            Historically, submitting illegal evidence falls under the “[url=<]fruit of the poisonous tree[/url<]" principle. I do realize there is potential issues with parallel construction, but as far as I can tell, parallel construction is [url=<]purely an issue with the DEA so far[/url<], with little to suggest that other federal agencies have committed a similar act. The FBI comes across illegal evidence all the time. (Hearsay is the most common: eye-witnesses telling stories that they heard from other people instead of their own experiences). And our court process exists to make sure that the jury [b<]never[/b<] hears the illegal evidence. Whatever case is built, the FBI will have to do it without ever telling a jury about any evidence obtained illegally. I'm not exactly worried about this issue.

            • Deanjo
            • 4 years ago

            [quote<]The FBI comes across illegal evidence all the time. (Hearsay is the most common: eye-witnesses telling stories that they heard from other people instead of their own experiences)[/quote<] That is inadmissible not "illegal". inadmissible != illegal illegal evidence will be inadmissible but inadmissible evidence is not necessarily illegal.

      • w76
      • 4 years ago

      One day, Ron Paul will say “Still think I’m crazy?”

      • Krogoth
      • 4 years ago

      Every intelligence agency worth its weight in salt monitors everyone and has done so for decades.

      The public internet just makes it easier and quicker to do especially when said public tends to openly disclose information.

    • superjawes
    • 4 years ago

    I’m the friendly stranger in the black sedan
    Won’t you hop inside my car
    I got pictures, got candy, I’m a lovable man
    And I can take you to the nearest star

    Wrong Ides?

    • NTMBK
    • 4 years ago

    The new NUCs look nice. Looking forward to Skull Canyon.

      • Flatland_Spider
      • 4 years ago

      The NUCs have been interesting. I just want to see one with an integrated power supply, like the Mac Mini.

      • DPete27
      • 4 years ago

      Nice to finally include full sized HDMI port. But they really should’ve had HDMI2.0 for 4k 60. I guess there’s always next generation…

    • dpaus
    • 4 years ago

    I don’t think there’s ever been an ‘Ides of March’ Shortbread before, has there? This is the First, no?

    I have to agree with Ars: we’ve been trying out the latest Intel NUCS for distributed, multi-screen display signage systems, and they’re finally able to drive dual 4K displays without the second one eventually suffering corruption. Yay!

      • Deanjo
      • 4 years ago

      [quote<]This is the First, no?[/quote<] Et tu, Brute?

        • Goofus Maximus
        • 4 years ago

        Cry Havoc! And let slip the Windows Store!… er…

      • chuckula
      • 4 years ago

      dpaus! It’s been a while! You’ve been waiting for the Ides O’ March to make your incisive comeback eh?

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