Night Dive shows off a first look at its System Shock remake

Late last year, we reported on the upcoming System Shock 3. It so happens that the original System Shock game from 1994 is being fully remade by Night Dive Studios, too. The first video footage of the new-old title has just been released. Take a look:

Methinks that looks creepy enough, in keeping with the atmosphere of the series. In an interview with Polygon, Night Dive Studios said it wants the player to feel even more isolated and alienated than in the 1994 original. The team says that '90s technology limited the immersion factor of the original game, and it wants to use today's technology to fix that perceived shortcoming.

Night Dive has also reached out to the modding community for feedback on the new title. The studio tells Polygon it's drawing inspiration from Dead Space and BioShock, and it's also working closely with Robb Waters, the concept artist for the original System Shock. In addition to the visual remastering, the game's user interface is undergoing a major overhaul to make it less of a point of contention than it was in the 1994 original. Don't fret about major storyline changes, though—the studio says the System Shock remake will follow the same plot as its forebear.

The studio has yet to make a decision on publishers and funding options for System Shock, although it's reportedly working with Microsoft to bring the remake to the Xbox One. The voice of SHODAN is expected to come to life again in 2017.

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