MSI releases a pair of power-sipping GeForce GTX 950s

MSI appears to be hopping on the power-sipping GeForce GTX 950 train. The company revealed two takes on a 75-watt board power GTX 950 today: the GTX 950 2GD5T OCV2 and the GTX 950 2GD5T OCV3. The OCV2 uses a single-fan cooler, while the OCV3 uses a longer board and a second fan. Both cards are clocked at 1076MHz base and 1253MHz boost speeds, and they come with 2GB of RAM.

These cards follow in the footsteps of Asus' dual-fan and single-fan takes on low-power GTX 950s. Nvidia remains mum about whether the GPU in these cards is a new chip or binned silicon, and its board partners aren't telling us anything, either. A sharp-eyed TR reader did notice that MSI refers to the GM206 GPU in these cards as a "GM206-251" chip. The original GeForce GTX 950 used a "GM206-250-A1" chip, according to TechPowerUp's graphics card database. That might point to a respin or new silicon of some kind, but we're still waiting on an official statement from Nvidia.

In any case, the modest power requirements of these cards could mean saving a few bucks on the power supply for frugal gamers. The cards might also help gamers who want better-than-console-class experiences in prebuilt systems or an HTPC.

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