Logitech G610 Orion blends sensible style and Cherry switches

In a crowded marketplace, products with simple, sensible functionality don't always get the attention they deserve. Logitech's new G610 Orion Brown and G610 Orion Red mechanical keyboards are styled after the the businesslike G810 Orion Spectrum, but they use Cherry MX switches with white backlights instead of the colorful RGB LED-backlit Romer-G switches of the pricier model.


The G610 Orion uses a full 104-key layout. Media control buttons and a volume roller hang out in the upper right corner of the board. The F1-F12 keys can be customized as macro keys. To accommodate user preferences, the adjustment feet can be set to three different angles. A six-foot-long braided USB cable connects the G610 to your rig.

Rather than its in-house Romer-G switches, Logitech opted for Cherry MX switches in the G610. Buyers can get this board with Cherry MX Brown or Cherry MX Red switches. 26-key rollover should ensure that all keystrokes are tracked. Both the G610 Orion Brown and G610 Orion Red are available for pre-order now for $120.

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