Asus offers an exchange program for some PG279Q displays

Asus is offering a free one-time exchange of select ROG Swift PG279Q G-Sync monitors. The move comes after a rash of customer complaints over backlight bleed and "IPS glow." The offer only applies to monitors produced in the initial production batches. The monitor must also have been purchased in North America. Monitors with the following serial numbers are eligible:

  • F9LMQS064281 to F9LMQS066024
  • F9LMQS085294 to F9LMQS085313
  • FALMQS088716 to FALMQS089177

Asus says its quality control has improved since the PG279Q was released, and that's why units from later production runs aren't eligible. The company says it's also introducing an extra layer of quality control checks in North America for the PG279Q. Asus claims that it's subjecting every one of these displays to a visual inspection in a darkened environment before passing them on to retailers. It explains that this process is the reason why some PG279Qs shipped to North American customers appear to have been opened prior to final shipment.

The company does caution that "IPS glow" is an inherent characteristic of this panel type. The phenomenon presents as a hazy, greyish cast that worsens when the screen is viewed at extreme off-center angles. That's distinct from backlight bleed, where points of uneven brightness show up on the perimeter of the display and don't change in intensity when viewed from off-angles.

This is a significant gesture by Asus. The PG279Q is a high-end display that sells for about $800. Both the PG279Q and its FreeSync brother, the MG279Q, are favorites of ours here at TR for their combination of large 2560x1440 panels and variable-refresh-rate support.

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