Rumor: Intel may be in talks to license graphics tech from AMD

As Nvidia and Intel's patent-licensing agreement begins to wind down, it appears Intel may be looking to create a new graphics IP licensing agreement with AMD. Analyst responses to an apparently private Bloomberg reportĀ circulated by Barron's suggest that the two former rivals are in talks to make a deal, but details of what patents or technology would be involved in that agreement weren't disclosed.

The biggest win for AMD in any potential deal may be cold, hard cash. Intel agreed to pay Nvidia $1.5 billion over the course of the companies' five-year cross-licensing agreement, so a similar deal with AMD would give the red team an infusion of capital after several quarters of losses.

In return, analyst Christopher Rolland told Barron's that Intel might gain some defensive patent ammo against Nvidia if the two companies return to hostilities after their current patent-licensing agreement ends. Given the performance of Intel's latest integrated graphics solutions, it seems unlikely we'd see Radeon branding on an Intel CPU any time soon.

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