Radeon 16.3.1 drivers get a tune-up for Need for Speed

AMD has released Radeon Software version 16.3.1. These drivers largely appear to be a maintenance release, though AMD has added support for a couple new game titles. This update comes a little more than a week after AMD added major new features to its drivers like support for the Vulkan API and XConnect external graphics enclosures.

The 16.3.1 release adds support for Ghost Games' Need for Speed, but beware: the game may exhibit poor scaling or flickering for drifters running a CrossFire setup. AMD has also updated the CrossFire profiles available for Hitman that were introduced with the 16.3 release.

Now for the fixes. An issue where some games weren't showing up in the Radeon Settings "Gaming" tab has been resolved. Also, installation via the command line now works. Intermittent hanging issues in some Unreal Engine apps has been addressed, as has a black screen or possible hang after launching the Oculus Video Application. Finally, these drivers no longer lock DirectX 12 application frame rates to the refresh rate of the monitor.

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