Report: Apple's next iPhone will use OLED displays from Samsung

Apple has steadfastly relied on IPS LCDs in its iPhones even as other smartphone makers have come to rely on OLED display tech. Going by a report at Korean site ETNews, it seems even Cupertino will soon follow the siren song of OLED. The site reports that Apple is partnering with Samsung Display to obtain OLED screens for its next iPhone, on the order of 60,000 panels per month. ETNews also says Samsung is also making investments to improve its yields and expand its production capacity to establish competitive superiority over rival display manufacturers in advance of an Apple switch to OLED.

The site also reports that Apple is in talks with secondary OLED suppliers to secure the number of panels it'll need for iPhone production. LG Display, Japan Display, and Foxconn (through its Sharp acquisition) are all in the running. ETNews believes those secondary suppliers will account for anywhere from 20% to 50% of Apple's OLED needs, while Samsung will account for the rest. Presumably, these displays will find their way into the next major iPhone.

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