Andy Grove, 1936-2016

Andy Grove, one of Intel's most influential CEOs, died today at 79. Born in 1936, Grove immigrated to the United States in 1957 after surviving Nazi and Soviet oppression in his native Hungary. He earned his Ph.D in chemical engineering from UC Berkeley in 1963 before joining Fairchild Semiconductor as a researcher. Grove was the first hire of Intel founders Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce when they left Fairchild to form the new company in 1968.

Grove later shepherded Intel through the transition from DRAM manufacturer to microprocessor producer in the 1970s. He became the company's president in 1979, its CEO in 1987, and its chairman and CEO in 1997 before relinquishing the chief executive's seat in 1998. He remained the company's chairman until 2004. Under his watch, Intel produced chips like the 386 and Pentium that turned it into a PC giant. He also led the company's growth from annual revenues of $1.9 billion to over $26 billion.

Grove authored Physics and Technology of Semiconductor Devices during his time at Fairchild Semiconductor. He later wrote High Output Management and Only the Paranoid Survive, both of which have become highly influential management texts. Grove is survived by Eva, his wife of 58 years; two children, and eight grandchildren.

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