Poseidon Z Touch keyboard has a touch-sensitive spacebar

Many modern keyboards already come festooned with RGB LEDs and more processing power than a lunar lander. Thermaltake thinks it's time to update the humble spacebar now, too. The company has placed a programmable touch surface on the spacebar of its Poseidon Z Touch mechanical keyboard. Through this input area, users can access some of the functions of a multi-touch trackpad without lifting their hands off of the keyboard.

Thermaltake uses Synaptics' sensing solutions to power the touch sensor. The spacebar has five configurable zones that can be programmed to scroll horizontally or vertically, zoom in and out, highlight text, or bring up context menus. Additionally, the zones can be programmed as macro buttons.

The Poseidon Z Touch uses Thermaltake's own "Mechanical Blue" switches. This anti-ghosting 104-key device has n-key rollover and a blue backlight. A button in the upper right hand corner changes the Windows keys into Ctrl buttons. Thermaltake warrants the keyboard for five years. The Poseidon Z Touch will be available soon for $120.

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