iOS 9.3 adds Night Shift feature for sweeter dreams

Apple introduced iOS 9.3 at its keynote event yesterday. The biggest user-facing change in this release is Night Shift, an f.lux-like feature that changes the color temperature of a device's display to potentially reduce sleep disruption. Night Shift uses time and geolocation data to make the display's color temperature warmer during evening hours. Once the sun rises again, the display returns to its cooler normal temperature.

iOS 9.3 also adds limited multi-user support for iPads. This feature allows multiple users to sign in to a single iPad, using either a PIN or a password. Apple says this feature is only availible for devices in its iPads for Classrooms program, but we'd like to see it rolled out to everybody's iPads at some point.

The Notes app gains an extra layer of security in this update. Users can now lock individual notes with a password or the Touch ID sensor. The company says the added security is handy for notes with sensitive personal information inside. Personalized suggestions also feature heavily in this update. The CarPlay and News apps will now gear the content they display toward the user's preferences. Additionally, CarPlay will now be able to point out nearby businesses through a feature aptly named Nearby.

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