Renice X9 RSATA SSD packs a resilient 2TB of storage

Anybody who's ever busted the delicate plastic shroud on a SATA power or data connector will appreciate Shenzen Renice Technology's X9 RSATA 2TB SSD. Unlike measly consumer-class drives, the X9 uses connectors that Renice calls Rugged SATA, or RSATA. That connector doesn't appear to be an industry standard, but the company claims the beefed-up plugs can prevent intermittent contact caused by shock and vibration.

Reinforced ports aside, the X9 uses Renice's own RS3502-IT controller to manage its 2TB of MLC flash. This controller can also run the drive in a pseudo-SLC mode for greater endurance and performance. The regular X9 SSD claims 530MB/s sequential read performance and 500MB/s sequential writes, though the company doesn't specify random I/O performance.

The company also says the drive uses powerful, low-leakage capacitors to ensure data transfers in progress are completed in the event of a power loss. Renice suggests that interested buyers contact it for a quote, so we suspect this puppy doesn't come cheap.

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