Microsoft is developing a universal Windows Skype app

If you're a Skype user like me and most of the TR staff, you may have noticed that its desktop application has been a little stuck in time. Microsoft is now looking to kill two birds with one API by developing a version of Skype that relies on the company's Universal Windows Platform. This shiny new app will be available to Windows Insiders in the "coming weeks."

The company says it's been listening to user feedback on Skype since last November, and found out that while users are fine with the "one task, one app" approach in the mobile space, they have different expectations as screen sizes increase. Multitasking comes into play, and users want to "limit app clutter." Microsoft is also taking the opportunity to touch up Skype's overall user interface. The overall look and feel has been simplified, and several global menus have been removed in favor of contextual menus. The updated user interface is now responsive, too—it should adjust itself to the device's screen size and resolution.

For now, Microsoft is letting Windows Insiders test-drive the application on PCs and large tablets. Windows 10 Mobile users get to join the party "soon." For more information, check out Microsoft's FAQ.

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