MSI's fancy SLI bridges tie three- and four-way setups together

MSI launched its two-way SLI Bridge L in June of last year so fans of the company's Twin Frozr coolers could have similarly styled SLI bridges for their graphics cards. Now, the company is letting builders with more powerful rigs in on the action with a pair of three-way and four-way bridge kits with the same aesthetic. These fancy-looking bridges feature configurable blinkenlights that can be customized through the MSI Gaming app. 

Both of the new kits also include a fan mount and reversible 120mm fan to help cool those tightly-packed graphics cards. Both the fan and its bracket can be separated from the bridge if they aren't needed. MSI says the new hard plastic bridges also have rubber pads built in to reduce vibration from the fan.  Pricing for these new kits hasn't been announced, but the 2-way bridge currently goes for $30 on Newegg, so we can expect these bigger bridges to go for a bit more.

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