Nvidia 364.72 drivers are ready for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

This is the launch week for the Oculus Rift, and Nvidia is helping folks get ready for the VR headset with its 364.72 Game Ready drivers. Team Green says its latest driver minimizes latency and increases performance with the Rift's launch titles. The driver also improves support for a couple of unspecified VRWorks features. That could be important for those planning to strap a Rift onto their faces soon.

The Rift isn't the only VR headset getting some love in this driver release, though. Nvidia says the 364.72 drivers also improve the experience with the HTC Vive. That headset starts shipping next week. VR improvements aside, these drivers are also tuned for Dark Souls III, Killer Instinct, Paragon's early-access release, and Quantum Break. For more details, check out the release notes. GeForce owners can look for the driver update in GeForce Experience or download the drivers directly from Nvidia.

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