Razer's Ripsaw capture box makes streaming a breeze

Game streaming is bigger than ever, but all that video encoding is hard on a processor. Gamers playing on weaker machines, like your typical store-bought laptop or game console, may find that their rig isn't up to the task of streaming HD video. For most, the easiest solution to this conundrum is to use a dedicated video capture device like Razer's new Ripsaw.

Front and rear views of the Ripsaw

This little USB 3.0-powered box sports HDMI input and passthrough. Console gamers can hook up component video and dual-RCA analog audio inputs using an included adapter. The Ripsaw can also mix in two 3.5mm audio sources for the live-streamers out there. The device can capture 1080p video sources at up to 60 frames per second. The device is officially supported for use with Open Broadcaster Software and XSplit Broadcaster, and it requires Razer's Synapse application, as well. Gamers looking to do some capturing on easy-mode can pick up the Ripsaw right now for $179.99.

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