Open Benchtable Project gives tweakers a portable test bench

Streacom has teamed up with HWBOT and Overclocking-TV to kick off the Open Benchtable Project. The group wants to produce a design a portable and customizable overclocking test bench. Milled from a single piece of aluminum, the table stores all of its mounting hardware, GPU supports, and even its legs in recessed areas on the bench top. Despite its travel-friendly size, the six-pound table can support full ATX motherboards equipped with heavyweight cooling hardware and a full complement of four graphics cards.

Prototypes of the bench are being featured on the HWBOT World Tour. Streacom says it has been working with overclockers since 2015 to formulate a design that meets the needs of traveling tweakers. If the basic design doesn't pass muster for a specific purpose, the Open Benchtable folks will be releasing the full blueprints of the final product, allowing third parties to make their own accessories or even improve on the design. Streacom doesn't say how much this product will cost yet, but you can see video of the table being set up on OCTV's Youtube channel.

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