HyperX Revolver headset goes up for pre-order April 1

HyperX is officially launching its Cloud Revolver stereo gaming headset today. This update to the already-popular HyperX Cloud features a more aggressive design than its predecessors. HyperX also claims the Revolver's 50-mm drivers, large ear cups, exhaust vents, and closed design allow it to deliver a wide, detailed sound stage for a competitive edge in games.

While it's hard to verify those claims in a vacuum given the subjective nature of audio equipment, we did spend some time with the Revolver at CES. We didn't get to thoroughly test this pair of cans there, but we were impressed by the headset's light weight, noise isolation, and comfortable fit. The steel harp lends the Revolver a rock-solid feel. The memory-foam earcups and leatherette headband are both quite nice-feeling in use, too.

The microphone is a critically important component in any headset, and the Revolver's sounds good on paper. The Revolver's mic is a noise-cancelling unit that can be detached from the headset when it's not in use. The Revolver uses a four-pole connector for compatibility with consoles and mobile devices, and it includes an inline control box with a two-meter extension for the headset's one-meter standard cable.

HyperX didn't announce a price for the Revolver, but the headset will be available for pre-order from Newegg, Amazon, and Best Buy on April 1. Shipments will begin May 9.

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    • GrimDanfango
    • 4 years ago

    I got the previous Cloud, which thankfully had an option for silver insignia rather than garish red. For the price, they’re really impressive build quality and surprisingly impressive sound. The build quality is oddly noticably better than than even my recently purchased beyerdynamic dt990 set, which cost way more.

    Shame to see them dive into the “gamerz!” style of design with this update… looks bleedin’ horrible! And how the hell does “exhaust vents” and “closed design” make sense? Open back gives a wider sound stage, and well, that’s the only thing I can work out “exhaust vents” means. Is it open or closed?

    They had a seriously classy product on their hands amongst all the regular tat… why ruin it?
    Admittedly, just going from the photo, the build quality still looks along the same lines as the old one.

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