We bring you The Tech Report's April Fools' Day in tech report

April Fool's day is here, and as usual, there's much silliness to be had around the web. We've gathered a few of our favorites. MSI's new 'The One' modular motherboard (featuring support for any CPU and RAM!) caught our Editor-in-Chief off-guard. Asus is unifying gaming platforms with the ROG Epic smartphone, ushering in the new era of mobile gaming. Asus is also letting Zenfone owners charge their Tesla autos, while the company's UK branch is showing off some feline-friendly VR tech. Speaking of cats, Backblaze is eager to help you back up your cat media, because we all know the work-safe internet is mostly cat pictures.

Peripheral purveyor Logitech is bringing back a timeless classic for a new generation. Corsair's B11-ND RGB monitors take RGB LED integration to a whole new level. In what might be the most exciting announcement I've seen from the company in years, Razer is letting its fans design the upcoming Project BreadWinner toaster. Toasters are an interesting addition to the Internet of Things, to be sure, but Samsung might be a little too excited about its "IoT." In software news, Opera is going eco-friendly by bringing out Opera Paper, while Adobe subtly revealed a little-known feature in Lightroom that can turn any photo into an Ansel Adams masterpiece.

As is its tradition, Google had a plethora of pranks today. Google Fiber is getting on board with teleportation. The Gmail team showed off its terrible taste and judgment alike with Gmail Mic Drop, which has since been disabled. You can still enjoy Smart Reply Emoji, though. Google Play Books would like to introduce realBooks. Cardboard steps up to the next level with Google Cardboard Plastic. Google Australia can now help you find your socks. In the Netherlands, not many people drive, so Google offers a self-driving bicycle instead. Google Photos now has Search by Emoji, which actually works! For those privileged few served by Google Express, you can now enjoy parachutes. Youtube isn't sitting out the merriment. The video service invites you to enjoy 360-degree panorama Snoopavision.

Other hardware vendors joined in the fun as well. Nvidia knows what gamers want: GeForce-branded energy drinks. By the way, Nvidia is also acquiring Linus Media Group. AMD's Australian division is hyping the Radeon R9 Micro, which takes the nano concept to its illogical conclusion. Controller vendor Nyko has a solution for frustrated casuals. Gigabyte had a couple tricks of its own: a classic returns, and don't miss this other big reveal. Overclockers.ru beat the rush with an early review of AMD's Zen processor (in Russian). And finally, tech rumor enthusiasts WCCFTech got in on the early review action as well, covering the GTX 1090 Ti and R9 495X at the same time.

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