1. RIAA wants to delete your MP3's (thanks billb and Kevin Sweeney)
  2. Electic Tech has info on Micron DDR333,
    Elpida 512MB DIMM's,
    and SanDisk's patent infringment case against Micron
  3. Ars Technica reviews Mac OS X 10.1
  4. FiringSquad reviews Pontifex, the new retail version of Bridge Builder
  5. More anthrax cases (thanks billb)

  1. Catch AMD in Houston, TX on 10/16
  2. Electic Tech has Transmeta Crusoe TM6000 announcement
  3. Amdmb and AMDZone review Athlon MP 1800+
  4. GamePC reviews Athlon XP 1800+
  5. EuroGamer reviews Abit KG7-RAID & TH7II-RAID boards
  6. Hard Tecs 4U reviews Shuttle AV40
  7. PC Hardware reviews EPoX EP-8KHA+
  8. Electic Tech has HPT370 driver v2.0.1008
    and AMD IDE busmaster driver v1.41g
Multimedia and cooling

  1. VIAHardware's NVIDIA GeForce3 roundup
  2. PCstats reviews Samsung SyncMaster 150T LCD flat panel
  3. Mikhailtech reviews IBM DeskStar 60GXP
  4. Designtechnica takes a look at Panasonic DMR-E20 DVD recorder
  5. PCrivals reviews Teflon mouse tape
  6. I am not a geek reviews Swiftech MC462A Rev 1
  7. AtlantaOC reviews Evercool ND-8 & ND-12 heatsinks
  8. G3D's OCZ Gladiator and Tt Dragon Orb comparison
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