Windows 10 insider preview build 14316: now with bash

Windows 10 Insider testers in the fast ring should be receiving preview build 14316 today. This update gives us an early look at the first round of updates in the Anniversary Update coming this summer, and it's a doozy. The big-ticket item in the new build is the first release of the Windows Subsystem for Linux beta, which will allow testers to download, install, and run the bash shell directly on Windows.

Cortana gains some cross-device features in this build, including low battery notifications from Windows and Android devices and the ability to locate your phone using its GPS signal. In news that will surely excite certain members of the Tech Report readership, the font-based Windows 10 emoji are getting a complete overhaul.

Turning on Windows 10's dark theme in the Settings app will now apply that look to UWP apps that are set up to monitor global theming, and Microsoft is also bundling a couple of Edge extensions that testers can play with: a Pin It button for Pinterest and a Clipper extension for OneNote. Be sure to check out Microsoft's blog post for the full list of changes.

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