3DMark's latest update includes a preview of VRMark

Futuremark is releasing a preview of its VRMark benchmarking tool for owners of its 3DMark Advanced and 3DMark Enterprise benchmarking suites today. VRMark is designed to test VR hardware like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, and it can run on 2D monitors for those still waiting on VR hardware. The VRMark preview doesn't produce a benchmark score, but viewers can still freely explore two interactive scenes in this release. One of the scenes is meant to be run on the minimum-spec GeForce GTX 970, while the other is meant for more demanding hardware. The scene below depicts the two dioramas that can be viewed.

This3DMark release also provides a couple new benchmarks for 3DMark Basic, a new UI that Futuremark calls easier-to-use, and improved Steam integration. 3DMark Basic will now include the Ice Storm Extreme and Ice Storm Unlimited benchmarks. The new UI features a home screen that recommends an appropriate benchmark based on the host system, as well as a redesigned benchmark launcher. The benchmarks have also been separated into individual modules, allowing Steam to install and update them individually.

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