Deepcool releases refined Captain EX series of liquid coolers

Deepcool has revealed a new line of all-in-one liquid cooling systems. The red highlights and "steampunk"-style pump housing of the Captain EX series are certainly eye-catching, but that pump design may also serve a practical purpose. The external coolant-circulating tube and apparent dual-chamber design of the Captain EX might prevent the company from running afoul of the all-in-one liquid cooler patents held by Asetek.

Deepcool claims to have improved the efficiency of the cooler by increasing the micro-channel fin density on top of its contact plate. The connecting tubes on this cooler have also received some attention. They feature "anti-explosion rubber" and a webbed outer sheath that purportedly resist potential damage from being crushed or exposed to high temperatures. The units ship with Deepcool's TF120 fans.

The Captain EX is available in 120mm, 240mm, and 360mm sizes. The coolers can support a wide range of Intel and AMD processors with their included mounting hardware. All three will be available this month. The 120mm model has an $80 price tag, the 240mm model will sell for $110, and the 360mm model tops the range at $140.

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