Corsair Spec-Alpha chassis gives PCs an angular showcase

It seems geometric styling is becoming the fashion in cases of late. Corsair's contribution to the trend is the Carbide Series Spec-Alpha ATX mid-tower chassis. This case pairs an outlandish exterior with an open interior design that omits 5.25" drive bays in favor of improved airflow. That's a choice I hope makes its way into more cases.

I wasn't kidding about the styling. Those are three pictures of the same case, to be clear, illustrating all three of the Spec-Alpha's available color schemes. The chassis supports up to five 120mm fans. Corsair populates four of those fan mounts out of the box. Builders can put up to four 2.5" storage devices and up to three 3.5" disks inside, too. The front panel puts USB 3.0 ports and audio jacks front and center, along with controls for the Spec-Alpha's included three-speed fan controller. The case is available now for $79.99.

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