Micron unveils three series of datacenter-oriented SSDs

It's a good day for datacenters across the world. Micron, purveyor of all things related to memory, has unveiled its updated lineups of datacenter-oriented SSDs. Say hi to the 9100 and 7100 PCIe NVMe SSDs, and to the S600DC series of SAS drives.

Let's kick things off with the big daddy. The 9100 series of drives is available in both HHHL (half-height, half-length) PCIe card and 2.5" U.2 form factors, and in capacities ranging from 800GB all the way up to 3.2TB. Features on the drives' firmware include power loss protection, RAIN management, and data path protection.

Micron claims these drives are 10 times faster than a standard datacenter SATA SSD. Although that claim is a little nebulous, the rated speeds for the drives aren't. Take a good look:

Micron 9100 PCIe NVMe SSDs
Capacity Read IOPs Write IOPs Sequential reads Sequential writes
800GB 540k 55k 2.1GB/s 650MB/s
1.2TB 700k 180k 2.8GB/s 1.3GB/s
1.6TB 700k 100k 2.8GB/s 1.3GB/s
2.4TB 750k 300k 3GB/s 2GB/s
3.2TB 750k 160k 3GB/s 2GB/s

For enterprise applications that are more concerned about power consumption, Micron offers the 7100-series SSDs, which come in either M.2 or 7-mm 2.5" U.2 flavors. Capacities range from 400GB to 1.92TB. The specs are as follows:

Micron 7100 PCIe NVMe SSDs
Capacity Interface Read IOPs Write IOPs Sequential reads Sequential writes
400GB M.2 180k 25k 2.4GB/s 475MB/s
400GB U.2 180k 25k 2.4GB/s 500MB/s
480GB M.2 180k 10k 2.4GB/s 475MB/s
480GB U.2 180k 10k 2.4GB/s 500MB/s
800GB M.2 220k 33k 2.5GB/s 600MB/s
800GB U.2 220k 33k 2.5GB/s 900MB/s
960GB M.2 220k 12k 2.5GB/s 600MB/s
960GB U.2 220k 12k 2.5GB/s 900MB/s
1.6TB U.2 235k 40k 2.5GB/s 900MB/s
1.92TB U.2 235k 10k 2.5GB/s 900MB/s

The company claims these drives use up half as much juice as a standard high-performance NVMe drive. Firmware features for this bunch include data encryption, power loss protection, and "adaptive thermal monitoring." Despite these drives being billed as eco-friendly options, keep in mind we're still talking datacenter-grade hardware.

Last but not least, Micron seems to be after a chunk of the SAS 15K RPM hard drive market. The company is offering the S600DC series of SAS SSDs, which it claims have a similar per-gigabyte cost when compared to regular 15K RPM hard drive offerings.

Micron says that cost has long been an issue in this market, and it's looking to solve that particular problem. The S600DC-series drives are based on 16-nm eMLC flash and available in capacities from 200GB up to an enormous 3.8TB, and in four distinct endurance ratings. Take a look at the full specs:

  S655DC S650DC S630DC S610DC
Capacity (GB) 200, 400 400, 800,
1600, 3200
400, 480, 800, 960,
1600, 1920, 3200, 3840
1920, 3840
Endurance (PB) 8, 17 7 to 58 2.1 to 21 2.8 to 5.6
Sequential reads (MB/s) 1550, 1700 1550 to 1900 1400 to 1850 1600 to 1700
Sequential writes (MB/s) 600, 850 625 to 850 490 to 850 770 to 850
Read IOPs 200k 200k 180k 190k
Write IOPs 120k 67k to 80k 20k to 30k 12k to 15k
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