Third-party patch allows HTC Vive to play Oculus Home titles

Software and hardware platform locks have long been a method of setting products apart, and VR headsets are no exception. The HTC Vive’s standard software platform is Valve’s SteamVR, which can work for users running the Oculus Rift, too. SteamVR is based off of the OpenVR SDK, which allows developers to write VR software for a range of VR devices without worrying about being vendor-locked. The Rift's Oculus Home software doesn't work with the Vive, though, preventing Vive users from running some of Oculus Home-exclusive software. For users who are willing to install a third-party patch, Oculus Home titles may soon work on the Vive, too.

A group called LibreVR has released a proof-of-concept patch for Oculus Home called Revive, which allows owners of the Vive to run some Oculus Home-exclusive titles. According to Ars Technica, the patch translates some functions of the Oculus Runtime to OpenVR calls. Ars reports that the patch works to varying degrees on Unity and Unreal engine games. However, since the patch makes changes to the Oculus Home software, it still requires Oculus' app to be running in the background. Users will still have to accept Oculus' EULA, which has raised concerns among privacy-conscious users. 

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