Kindle Oasis ditches symmetry for a more grippable shape

Amazon unveiled its Kindle Oasis e-reader yesterday. The Oasis hardware, with its 300-PPI e-ink display and 10-LED backlight, is reminiscent of the Kindle Voyager's. The Oasis' wedge-body design tapers from .33" to .13" thick, though, unlike more slate-shaped Kindles. That taper is being billed as an ergonomic handgrip. In our review of the Kindle Touch, the device's balance was a concern for extended reading sessions, and the Oasis' new body might solve that problem. However, this design does mark a departure from the symmetric beauty we've enjoyed in the past few Kindle generations.

Aesthtics aside, the Oasis has a few tricks up its sleeve. The magnetic leather cover serves as an extended battery that's claimed to provide months of charge time to the Oasis. The device itself is the lightest Kindle yet, weighing in at 4.7oz (133.2g) without the cover. The only question left for buyers to answer is which high-resolution Kindle to choose: the $120 Paperwhite, the $200 Voyager, or the $290 Oasis. If the Oasis is calling to you, you'll have to wait until April 27.

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