AMD slaps 32GB of RAM on its FirePro W9100 graphics card

While things are still quiet on the consumer graphics card front, a small battle is being waged in the professional graphics arena. Nvidia recently refreshed the M6000, its flagship workstation graphics card, with 24GB of RAM. This put it ahead of AMD’s flagship, the FirePro W9100. Not to be outdone, AMD has announced the release of a 32GB version of the W9100.

Graphics memory is a big deal for workstation graphics cards. For datasets of the right size, this change could be a boon. That said, the rest of the specs for FirePro W9100 remain unchanged. Its fully-enabled Hawaii GPU is the same chip that the 16GB W9100 shipped with in 2014. The card retains the same 44 compute units, 930MHz core clock, wealth of display outputs, and the same, well, everything as the 2014 model. The extra 16GB of graphics memory will cost you, though. AMD quotes an MSRP of $3,999 for the 32GB W9100, a thousand-dollar premium over the current retail price of the 16GB version.

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