Toshiba cuts over 14,000 jobs worldwide

Over the past few months, we've been reporting on financial troubles at Toshiba. In December, the company announced its intent to lay off 7,800 workers in 2016 as part of a plan to stabilize its business. That news was bad enough on its own, but according to Nikkei Asian Review, Toshiba has announced that it now plans to cut over 14,000 jobs, or almost double the number it projected in its December announcement.

7,610 of the jobs on the chopping block come from Toshiba's "lifestyle" division, which handles consumer electronics and PCs. Most of the remaining cuts come from the company's semiconductor division. Nikkei Asian Review says 4,590 employees in that division lost their jobs. Another 3,449 employees accepted early retirement packages, the site reports. Before today's announcement, Toshiba employed about 198,741 people worldwide, according to the company's corporate website.

Hot on the heels of this news comes a rumor that merger talks among Toshiba, Vaio, and Fujitsu’s PC divisions have stalled, potentially signaling more problems for the struggling company. The merger was billed as a way to reduce costs for the three Japanese OEMs as the global PC market faltered, but Nikkei Asian Review says Fujitsu and Japan Industrial Partners (the majority stakeholder in Vaio) pulled out of the talks after deciding that continued negotiations wouldn't be fruitful.

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