Huawei VR goggles turn compatible smartphones into VR portals

Huawei is bringing its latest flagship smartphones on par with Samsung's in an important respect. At the Shanghai launch of its P9 smartphone Friday, the Chinese mobile giant announced its plans for "Huawei VR."  This plastic shell with optics inside looks outwardly similar to Samsung's Gear VR. Both devices cradle a smartphone inside to take the wearer inside 360-degree videos or other VR experiences. Huawei says there will be two different versions of the Huawei VR: one for the P9 smartphone and one for the company's Mate 8 phablet. 

The specifications of the Huawei VR won't blow anyone's pants off, but the headset's 95-degree field of view and sub-20ms latency should be serviceable, at least. Since all three of the phones compatible with the Huawei VR use 1080p screens, image quality almost certainly won't be as crisp as the Gear VR's, but Huawei is talking up the headset's "360-degree sound field" as an alternate source of immersion. The company also says that Huawei VR owners will have access to over 4,000 free movies, 40 free games, and 150 panoramic tours on release. Huawei didn't say how much the headset will cost or when it will become available.

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    • Chrispy_
    • 4 years ago

    Phone-based VR (I’ve only used the GearVR and Google Cardboard so far) is dead in the water; Positional drift and gyro/compass latency make them unusable for anything other than a 60-second demo.

    This smells of “hey let’s jump on the profitable VR bandwagon even though we don’t know what we’re doing because OMG $$$$”.

    We’ll look back at these efforts in a decade at laugh at the pretenders trying to cash in on stuff they don’t understand.

      • djayjp
      • 4 years ago

      The lag in even Google’s own demos is horrendous. The state of android in regards to having some kind of guaranteed, standard performance base (even with high end phones like the galaxy s6) which is absolutely crucial for vr, is highly unoptimized and fractured. It is dead. Probably the Gear VR exclusive stuff works well enough, but then again who knows how long that’ll last now that the s7 is out.

    • NTMBK
    • 4 years ago

    And I presume that this VR platform will be incompatible with the Samsung VR platform, which will be incompatible with whatever VR platform Google builds into Android N?

    Ugh, the VR space is such a mess right now. Consolidation is badly needed.

    • stephenrowan
    • 4 years ago

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    • hansmuff
    • 4 years ago

    The entry level test of a headset at this price point is simple: does it work well with VR porn?

    The Gear VR does amazing with it. Movies and panoramic tours are cool and all, but they won’t sell sets. Porn will.

      • alrey
      • 4 years ago

      You’re exactly right. Im thinking of buying one for porn but I wont settle for cheap VR, I’m going for the one the provides the best quality. So either oculus or vive 🙂

      btw, it was also my incentive for going into LD, DVD, and Blu-ray.

        • Neutronbeam
        • 4 years ago

        Nice to know fellow gerbils support the performing arts. 😉

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