Razer deploys its Turret living-room lapboard

PC gaming in the living room has always been subject to compromises, and Valve's Steam Controller is just the most recent example. Those compromises often leave the hardcore keyboard-and-mouse enthusiast wanting. Razer thinks the real solution to living-room PC gaming is a lapboard, and its take on the formula is the Turret. Like similar products from competitors Corsair and Roccat, the Turret is essentially a keyboard with an attached mousepad, although the Turret appears to be sleeker than the competing offerings.

Razer first showed off the Turret over a year ago at CES 2015. The company says that the lapboard has undergone several revisions since then as its designers have sat on the concept and refined the product. The Turret can connect to PCs, game consoles, and Android devices using Bluetooth LE or a bundled 2.4GHz USB adapter. The keyboard's "dedicated Android buttons" make it especially suited for use with the company's Forge TV set-top box.

The tenkeyless chiclet keyboard on the Turret includes a Fn key for media controls. Razer claims the keyboard can register up to ten keypresses at once. The included mouse uses a 3500-DPI laser sensor, and it has magnets in its base to help secure it to the Turret's mousepad. The mousepad folds under the keyboard for storage, and folding it away also lets the Turret plug into its included charging dock. The mouse and keyboard both use Li-Po batteries. Razer says the keyboard should last 4 months on a charge. The Turret is available now for $159.99.

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