Acer Switch Alpha 12 passively cools Skylake Core i CPUs

At its next@Acer event today, Acer revealed a number of interesting new products, including its Switch Alpha 12. The Switch branding for Aspire convertibles isn't new, but the Alpha is a bit different from the usual fare. Instead of the Core M processor featured in the previous Switch 12, the Switch Alpha uses Skylake Core i-series processors. Acer says that kind of power is possible thanks to its new "LiquidLoop" cooling system. The company describes this system as a "liquid cooler," but we're guessing it's some sort of passive vapor-chamber design.

Acer disclosed precious little information about the rest of the machine's specs, but we do know the display is a 2560x1440 panel and that the PC weighs 2.8 pounds, keyboard included. Assuming the render in the official product video is accurate, the slate has USB Type-A and Type-C ports, plus a headphone jack. Acer says its Surface competitor will be available in June starting from $599.

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