Rumor: Nvidia Pascal GP104 die shots leak

The smoke around Nvidia's next-generation graphics chips keeps getting thicker, and if Tuesday’s purported GeForce GTX 1080 cooler shots didn’t warm things up enough for you maybe this will. A leaker from has posted a fairly legit-looking shot of GP104-200’s die, and the folks at Videocardz have picked it up:


Videocardz figures the GP104-200 chip is bound for the GeForce GTX 1070, the replacement for the popular GTX 970. The site speculates that those graphics cards will arrive in mid-June. GP104-400, GP104-200's big brother, purportedly powers the GTX 1080. Videocardz thinks this GTX 980 replacement will debut at Computex in early June. That's consistent with Nvidia's thinly veiled hints about its plans for Computex on Twitter.


An older GP104 die shot provided by conveniently includes some memory chips, and Videocardz has decoded the markings on this RAM. The Samsung chips on the old die shot bear the K4G80325FB-HC label. These chips are standard 8Gb GDDR5 jobs, rather than the faster, newer GDDR5X standard. Videocardz thinks that this leak indicates the GTX 1070 will still use GDDR5. The site further claims the GTX 1080 will feature newer GDDR5X RAM, though. As always, we'll have to see how time bears out these guesses.

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