1. Steven Hawking says we need space colonies to survive (thanks TwoFer)
  2. Electic Tech reports on Microsoft/NEC alliance
    and Intel Nocona processor for servers
  3. Icrontic interviews Alpha Novatech
  4. Pro Cooling on hacking a Snap! server (NAS device)
  5. the Duke of URL's Linux buyer's guide #13
  6. Windows Messenger 4.5 beta from Electic Tech
System, processors, and memory

  1. Ace's Hardware reviews Athlon XP
  2. AMDZone reviews BOXX Tech 3DBOXX R1 1800+
  3. VTR-Hardware reviews Athlon XP 1700+
  4. AthlonOC explores Athlon XP overclocking
  5. NewsForge reviews Duron 1.1GHz
  6. PCstats reviews OCZ Ice 150 - PC150 SDRAM
  7. TweakTown does Kingmax PC2100 compatibility tests

  1. VIA announces Viatech Fall Tour
  2. VR-Zone reviews Leadtek WinFast 7350KDA SiS 735 board
  3. SystemLogic reviews Abit VP6
  4. Neoseeker reviews Soyo SY-K7V Dragon
  5. HotHardware reviews Shuttle AV40
  6. Amdmb reviews Shuttle AK31 rev3
  7. 3.1 BIOS for MSI K7T266 Pro2 (thanks SocketA)
Multimedia, cases, and cooling

  1. Tom's Hardware Guide reviews ATI Radeon 8500
  2. Futurelooks reviews Samsung SyncMaster 570B 15" flat panel
  3. RatedPC reviews Samsung ML-1210 laser printer
  4. Dan's Data considers Internet connection sharing
  5. Overclockedcafe reviews CoolerGuys Aluminum Silver Pro Gamer case
  6. Hardware Extreme reviews CDI Alaska case
  7. [H]ard|OCP reviews asetek VapoChill
  8. I am not a geek reviews Dynatron DC1206DM-O638 heatsink
  9. 2FastCPU reviews Z4 copper blizzard kit
  10. Overclockers Club's 120mm blowhole guide
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