Anker Powerhouse battery pack makes 400Wh luggable

We all complain about the battery life of our portable electronics these days. From thin-and-light laptops with anemic batteries to cell phones that last half a day, we always want more life from our critical devices. Anker may have a solution for the most juice-thirsty out there. The company best known for its pocket-sized lithium-polymer batteries has released the mother of all portable power sources—a 400Wh power supply aptly named the Powerhouse.

This monster battery has a host of connections to help you make use of its juice. It includes four "fast charging" USB ports for mobile devices, a 12V cigarette lighter plug, and a standard AC output for just about anything else. Anker claims its DC-to-AC converter is silent, and that the battery can drive a mini-fridge off AC for seven hours, recharge a phone 40 times, or a laptop 15 times.

Don’t think you're going to throw this Powerhouse in your pocket on the way out the door, though. It measures 7.9" x 6.5" x 5.7", and it weighs in at 9.3lbs. This much power also doesn't come cheap. Anker is asking $399 for preorders after a promo code. The company says Powerhouses will begin shipping in May.

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