Raven Z RVZ-01E case makes room for ATX PSUs in a slim profile

We're fans of building small form-factor systems at TR, as evidenced by our Breadbox system from earlier this year. As part of that process, builders need to do their homework to make sure that everything in a Mini-ITX system will fit together comfortably. With the Raven Z RVZ01-E, Silverstone has updated its slim small-form-factor case to accommodate standard ATX power supplies. That change will give builders a bit more flexibility when selecting parts for their new rig.

Impressively, this change didn't require Silverstone to change the exterior dimensions of the case. Like its predecessor, the RVZ01-E is a 14-liter case that measures in at 382 mm tall by 105 mm wide by 350 mm deep. The exterior styling is largely the same, as well. Silverstone maintained the black color scheme, long vertical ridges, and winged logo from the previous model.

The arrangement of the interior has changed considerably, however, to make room for larger power supplies. Now, the power supply is housed at the top front corner of the case, at least when it's in a vertical orientation. Silverstone indicates that the case can fit ATX power supplies up to 150 mm long, but recommends using 140-mm PSUs instead to avoid problems with certain connector layouts.

Using a customized riser card and an adjustable graphics card holder, the RVZ01-E fits full-size graphics cards up to 13" long. For cooling, it can fit three 120-mm fans, one on the top panel and two on the bottom. The product should be available soon, but we're not sure of its pricing yet. The previous model sells for about $100.

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