Fallout 4 gets official mod support and in-game Creation Kit

Rejoice, Fallout 4 fans! Bethesda has an announcement for you today, and it's a doozy. The game is finally getting official support for mods, which players can create themselves using the in-game Creation Kit.

To get started with modding, players need to create a Bethesda.net account and download the Creation Kit, which the company says is very similar to the tools the game developers themselves used. Development is hardly ever done without documentation, so Bethesda has put up a Creation Kit Wiki that would-be designers and coders can and should read. The created mods should be available to console players soon, too—in May for the Xbox One, and June for the PlayStation 4.

Of course, you might just be interested in having mods in your game without having to make trips to the Nexus. Bethesda has made that particular task a lot easier now—the new beta version of Fallout 4 comes with an in-game mod browser which lets players install, rate, and bookmark their favorite modifications. PC players can check out the new update by going into their Steam Library, right-clicking on Fallout 4, clicking Properties, and selecting "beta - 1.5 update" under the Betas tab.

Bethesda didn't say anything about if and how it would validate a mod's technical execution. Incompatibility, load order, and plain ol' instability are concerns that every player adding mods to a game has to contend with, and the company didn't specify what steps it would take to ensure that their games remain stable despite the modifications.

In related news, a new version of the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch was recently released. If you just want fixes for the base game itself, be sure to check it out. Gentlemen, start your Pip-Boys.

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