Chromium OS now runs on the Raspberry Pi

The ChromeOS-inspired Chromium OS has been ported to a couple Raspberry Pi models. The ChromiumRPI releases are only at version 0.5 right now, and they're missing some yummy features like support for Wi-Fi, Netflix, and HTML5 video—but they do run. While this latest release only supports the Raspberry Pi 2 and Raspberry Pi 3 devices, the future is bright for other single-board computers (SBCs). SBC donations to the Chromium OS project from several companies suggest that it should become available on more boards than just the Raspberry Pi at some point. The range of donated boards include Hummingboard Edge, Orange Pi, Lemaker, Nano Pis, and more.

The project isn't just looking for testing hardware. It's recently recruited Kevn McAleer to implement Chromium OS for the Pine64 board, showing its dedication to targeting these new boards, too. Based on the donated board names, it seems there's a focus on Raspberry Pi compatiblity, so I'm not sure if there's any future plans to expand to higher-end SBCs like HardKernel Odroids or other low-power boards like as BeagleBoard Bones. Still, if you enjoy tinkering with these things, Chromium OS is another arrow in the quiver alongside Microsoft's versions of Windows 10 for these devices.

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