Seagate begins shipping its 10TB helium-filled hard drives

We first learned about Seagate's 10TB Enterprise Capacity hard drive back in January, and now the company reports that it's shipping these monster drives "in volume." In particular, the company says its partners at Supermicro and Ciara are incorporating these 10TB spinners into their mass-storage products for the data center, like Supermicro's four-rack-unit, 90-bay JBOD chassis for 3.5" drives. Fill that baby up with 10TB Enterprise Capacity drives, and you'd have nearly a petabyte of unformatted storage to work with.

If you're not up on all the details of the 10TB Enterprise Capacity drive yet, it uses a sealed, helium-filled interior to shelter its seven platters and 14 heads. Unlike many monster hard drives on the market right now, this 10TB drive uses traditional perpendicular magnetic recording to store bits. Other high-capacity drives use shingled magnetic recording to reach their dizzying amounts of storage space, and that recording tech can have negative effects on random I/O performance. Seagate still isn't listing the 10TB drive on its website, but this announcement might hint at expanded availability for the rest of us soon.

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