Nvidia and Samsung settle long-running patent litigation

It's been well over two years since Nvidia tried to block all shipments of Samsung's Galaxy phones and tablets, claiming that these devices infringed on a number of Nvidia's patents. Now, it appears that the story has come to a close. According to Nvidia, the two companies have agreed to settle all pending litigation.

The settlement agreement covers cases in a number of courts. Nvidia initially filed complaints against Samsung with the U.S. District Court in Delaware and the U.S. International Trade Commision (ITC). Shortly thereafter, however, Samsung filed a countersuit with the ITC and another in an eastern Virginia district court. Samsung's lawsuits claimed that Nvidia was the infringing party. Even further, Samsung accused Nvidia of false advertisement over its claim that the Tegra K1 was, at the time, the "world's fastest mobile processor."

Last year, news came out indicating that the lawsuits weren't going so well for Team Green. In June of 2015, Nvidia backed down from some of its claims in the ITC case, stating that it no longer claimed that Samsung was infringing on a couple of its patents. Things got worse for Nvidia in December when an ITC judge determined that not only was Samsung innocent of infringing on Nvidia's patents, but that Nvidia was the party guilty of infringement.

At that time, Nvidia asked for the decision to be reviewed by a full panel of ITC judges. Yesterday's settlement decision suggests that the company was at least partially sucessful in the review process. The settlement agreement doesn't include any major cross-licensings of patents, nor any monetary judgments. Aside from licensing a couple of unspecified patents to each other, the two companies largely seem to be going their separate ways with no one the richer but their lawyers.

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