Nvidia teases Pascal GeForces amid GTX 1000-series rumors

Well, looks like the rumor mill may have gotten the June reveal date of Pascal-based gaming cards wrong. A mysterious new site called "Order of 10" has popped up, completet with a countdown timer and imagery of gray polygons heading towards Earth. Look familiar? It should. The countdown ends Friday, at which time these mysterious polygons will land.

The "temporal shards."

How is this site related to Nvidia's Pascal architecture? Well, GamersNexus received a mysterious briefcase with imagery similar to the Power of 10 graphics. A collective effort ensued and the community worked out Nvidia's puzzle, finding many references to Kepler and Fermi, among other names. Going by that info, it seems pretty clear this teaser site is referring to the next generation of GeForces.

Since we're discussing rumors, we may as well ask the waiter for the table salt and go a little further. We wrote up some purported GTX 1080 die shots not long ago, and today it's time for the hypothetical GTX 1060 Ti. Guru3D has taken a look at some images and numbers originating from a forum thread on Chinese site ChipHell which apparently depict the would-be GTX 1060 Ti GPU.

The pictured chip is accompanied by a set of Samsung GDDR5 chips, believed to comprise a total of 6GB of VRAM on a 192-bit bus. Given those characteristics, Guru3D believes that the GTX 1070 and GTX 1060 Ti will be positioned as direct competitors to AMD's first consumer-oriented iteration of its Polaris architecture. AMD previously said that Polaris 10 and Polaris 11 chips will be targeted at notebooks, consoles, and the mainstream market.

If you're curious about the technical deep end of Nvidia's Pascal architecture, then look no further than Rys Sommefeldt's excellent writeup. Just sit down comfortably, put the phone away, and grab a nice drink before reading—this is a document worth your undivided attention.

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