Rumor: Early Broadwell-E benches hint at solid performance gains

Over at the forums, user Maintenance Bot has apparently run a couple of tests on a Core i7-6850K engineering sample. In case you aren't already aware, yes, that's a Broadwell-E chip from Intel's upcoming high-end desktop product line. He compared the chip's multi-core Cinebench results to his own Core i7-5820K at the same overclocked speed—4.2GHz—and came away with an impressive performance improvement: a score of 1311 with the Broadwell-E chip, versus 1191 with the Haswell-E CPU.

Maintenance Bot used the same ASRock X99 Extreme3 motherboard and Kingston memory for testing each processor. Maintenance Bot also ran SuperPi on his engineering sample, but the improvement there was much more modest. A solid ten-percent per-clock improvement on the popular Cinebench test suggests an exciting increase in performance for Broadwell-E chips, but we're curious to see single-core Cinebench results and stock-clocked numbers, as well. As always, we'll hopefully learn more once Broadwell-E chips become official.

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