AMD adds refresh-rate ranges to its FreeSync monitor page

AMD is making it easier to figure out the details of compatible monitors on its FreeSync page. A recent update added refresh-rate ranges and panel types for a large number of FreeSync monitors from Acer, LG, and Samsung, among others. AMD now includes the following details to help make picking a FreeSync monitor easier: manufacturer, model, size, panel type, resolution, refresh-rate and FreeSync range, inputs, and low-framerate-compensation support.

The FreeSync frequency range is probably the most important aspect of the monitor table, since a wider FreeSync range makes for a better tear-free gaming experience. For budget gamers whose video cards might not be up to our sweet spot recommendations, the LFC feature will probably be a feature to keep an eye out for. For all the panel-type aficionados out there, no longer will it be necessary to trudge through the depths of countless forums trying to identify the panel technology in use—AMD clearly calls it out under the LCD type column.

There are some details that leave me wanting. Interfaces don't call out protocol versions, so a determination between DisplayPort 1.2 and 1.3 isn't readily possible. The same goes for HDMI versions. Pricing and retail availability would be bonus features on the FreeSync page, too. Still, this page is a valuable resource for FreeSync monitor shoppers.

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