Fallout 4 gets more love from Bethesda with Far Harbor expansion

Hot on the heels of Bethesda’s announcement last week that Fallout 4 would officially begin supporting mods, the company has given fans of the series another reason to rejoice. On May 19, the company will be releasing an expansion called Far Harbor for its popular post-apocalyptic RPG.

Far Harbor is a new story arc for the Valentine Detective Agency, which takes place on the coast of Maine in a town predictably named Far Harbor. It features a host of higher-level loot, new NPCs, and stronger bad guys, as we would expect from a Fallout expansion. Bethesda is famous for releasing sweeping expansions for its open-world RPGs, and Far Harbor looks to be no exception. The company says that Far Harbor is the largest increase in landmass for an expansion released by the studio, which is impressive given the size of some of the expansions for Skyrim

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