AMD bolsters its budget storage options with its R3 SSDs

AMD’s best-known Radeon products are graphics cards, but the brand name can be found on a range of other offerings. The company offers Radeon SSDs, memory modules, and even Radeon branded RAMDisk software. Now, AMD is updating its existing line of Radeon SSDs to include more modern, budget-friendly options. Meet the new Radeon R3 Solid State Drive series:

  Radeon R3 120GB Radeon R3 240GB Radeon R3 480GB Radeon R3 960GB
Part number SSDR3L120G SSDR3SL240G SSDR3SL480G SSDR3SL960G
Sequential reads 520 MB/s 520 MB/s 520 MB/s 510 MB/s
Sequential writes 360 MB/s 470 MB/s 470 MB/s 450 MB/s
Price $41 $80 $150 N/A
Controller Silicon Motion SM2256KX

All of the R3 SSDs use the Silicon Motion SM2256KX SSD controller and feature TLC NAND from an unnamed vendor. The drives are built by the Chinese company Galt Advanced Technology Incorporated, which is a name we haven’t seen around here before. The drives use a SATA 6Gbps interface.

Going by the performance numbers provided by AMD, these drives should be just a bit behind OCZ's Trion 150 SSDs. Newegg hasn’t listed the R3 SSDs yet, but Amazon is asking a bit of a premium for the R3s versus the Trion 150s, putting the red team's drives in closer competition with Samsung’s 850 EVO SSD. That positioning is a bit of an odd value proposition, given the performance numbers AMD has provided. Since these drives have just hit the market, we may see these prices come down with time, though. The drives come with a three-year warranty that's fulfilled by Galt.

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