Chromebooks get multi-monitor support with DisplayLink

Scratch one more barrier to getting some real work done on a Chromebook. Chrome OS has announced support for DisplayLink-based USB graphics adapters. For those who aren't already familiar, DisplayLink is the company that makes the chips inside many USB-to-VGA and USB-to-HDMI adapters. Starting with Chrome OS Release 51 (which is currently in beta), Google's cloud OS will have native support for DisplayLink-enabled docks.

This native support is a first for DisplayLink, whose devices usually require a separate driver for Windows and OS X. The company says users can "just plug in any DisplayLink device and it just works." This development enables real multi-monitor support for the Chrome OS platform, and since DisplayLink docks often feature additional audio, Ethernet, and USB connectivity, this support might make Chromebooks that much more enticing as a true Windows replacement.

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