Nvidia teases a "Special Event" tomorrow at 6PM PT

Are you excited for Nvidia's Pascal GPUs yet? As we draw closer to the rumored launch of the green team's first FinFET graphics chips, Pascal is on everyone's minds, and Nvidia has stepped up its marketing efforts of late. Today, the official Nvidia GeForce Twitter announced a "Special Event livestream" that will take place on the official Nvidia GeForce Twitch channel. The livestream event will be taking place tomorrow, May 6, at 6:00 PM Pacific time. 

There's no official word on what will be shown during this event, but given that this date is just eight hours after the end of the Order of 10 countdown, our money is on some reveal or announcement of GeForce cards with Pascal GPUs on board. We first talked about the new graphics processor architecture back in 2014, when it was announced at Nvidia's GPU Technology Conference. That announcement was a surprise at the time since previous roadmaps showed Volta as the next step in the company's graphics technology. We have covered Pascal in great detail every step of the way since. 

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