Nvidia updates VRWorks SDK with Pascal-powered features

The big news from Nvidia's Dreamhack event on Friday was the announcement of the company’s Geforce GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 graphics cards. We also got news of some up-and-coming VR features baked into the new Pascal GPU, though. Nvidia is also updating its VRWorks SDK with a  couple of new features that are made possible by the new architecture. 

The first of these features is Lens Matched Shading, an evolution of the Multi-Res Shading supported by Nvidia’s current-generation Maxwell GPUs. Multi-Res Shading allows Maxwell GPUs to render different regions of VR scenes at different resolutions to allow the GPU to spend its rendering resources more efficiently.

Details are scant on how Lens-Matched Shading improves on this technique, but Nvidia says the new method renders "more natively to the unique dimensions of VR display output." As a result, this method "avoids rendering many pixels that would otherewise be discarded before the image is output to the VR headset."

The other big new feature for Pascal’s VRWorks update is Single Pass Stereo. This feature allows the graphics card to perform a single geometry pass for both eyes in VR applications, reducing the load on the GPU. Nvidia says this API should be particularly helpful in high-tessellation scenes that require a lot of geometry processing. The company claims Single Pass Stereo can double geometry and tesselation performance in VR environments.

Both Lens Matched Shading and Single Pass Stereo are enabled by Pascal's Simultaneous Multi-Projection technology, which allows the GPU to efficiently render a scene from different viewports simultaneously. According to Anandtech, the Pascal GPU in the GTX 1080 can create as many as 16 different viewports for this purpose.

To demonstrate these new features, as well as the VR implementations of Nvidia’s HairWorks, Flow, VRWorks Audio, PhysX, and Flex APIs, Nvidia has announced a set of carnival-themed VR mini-games called Nvidia VR Funhouse. The company didn't say when that demo would be available.

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    • DoomGuy64
    • 4 years ago

    True story:
    Let’s read our favorite “unbiased” tech news site today. Ty;es: [url<]http://www.techreport.com[/url<] Top News Today: [url=https://techreport.com/news/30099/vr-funhouse-brings-all-of-vrworks-to-bear-on-an-nvidia-carnival<]VR Funhouse brings all of VRWorks to bear on an Nvidia carnival[/url<] [url=https://techreport.com/news/30098/nvidia-ansel-gives-in-game-photogs-a-major-camera-upgrade<]Nvidia Ansel gives in-game photogs a major camera upgrade[/url<] [url=https://techreport.com/news/30097/nvidia-updates-vrworks-sdk-with-pascal-powered-features<]Nvidia updates VRWorks SDK with Pascal-powered features[/url<] [url=https://techreport.com/news/30096/report-founders-edition-geforce-cards-will-be-first-to-ship<]Report: Founders Edition GeForce cards will be first to ship[/url<] [url=https://techreport.com/news/30094/nvidia-makes-the-gtx-1070-and-gtx-1080-official<]Nvidia makes the GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 official[/url<] [url=https://techreport.com/news/30092/deals-of-the-week-geforce-gtx-980-tis-and-more<]Deals of the week: GeForce GTX 980 Tis and more[/url<] [url=https://techreport.com/news/30087/nvidia-teases-a-special-event-tomorrow-at-6pm-pt<]Nvidia teases a "Special Event" tomorrow at 6PM PT[/url<] [url=https://techreport.com/news/30086/rumor-nvidia-geforce-gtx-1080-shows-its-face-in-3dmark<]Rumor: Nvidia's GeForce GTX 1080 shows its face in 3DMark[/url<] Yup. The news is Very informative. Not unbalanced in the slightest. Let's now read some articles: Getting some background info on [url=https://techreport.com/review/30048/exploring-nvidia-pascal-architecture<]Pascal[/url<]. Nice and informative. Five pages. So, what about the competition? Let's check on [url=https://techreport.com/review/29514/amd-sets-a-new-course-for-radeons-with-its-polaris-architecture<]Polaris[/url<]. Hmm. Interesting. One page summary. Yup. I don't see what the whole Fury controversy was about in the slightest. I think I'll now watch some fair and balanced FOX News to finish today's perspective on reality. /sarcasm /denial.

      • revparadigm
      • 4 years ago

      …And sour grapes are still squishy.

      I suppose when AMD officially unwraps Polaris there will be a flood of news.

      • Deanjo
      • 4 years ago

      Did you even bother looking at the coverage of AMD products when they are actually announced to be released. My guess, not a chance.

      • Klimax
      • 4 years ago

      There’s dearth of any other news. Other sites suffer same drought. (Unless they report on another stupid rumor about Polaris)

      Simply, you are wrong, biased AMD fanboy who cannot stand idea that NVidia is getting coverage after dropping number of new items.

    • Namarrgon
    • 4 years ago

    They demonstrated Lens-Matched Shading in the Pascal reveal video. It uses four angled projections per eye (in a single pass) to better approximate the shape of the result after the VR lens distortion shader is applied. This is much more efficient than rendering an ordinary rectangular projection and throwing away all the unused pixels around the edge, and is a big factor in Pascal’s claimed performance gains for VR.

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